Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

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Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 1651- 1695
(født Juana Inés Absaje y Ramírez de Santillana i “Ny Spania” – det som er nå Mexico)

fra prologuen til mysterispillet: Divine Narcissus


Religion:  But wait, what I tender to you is not force but a mild caress.
Which God is the one you revere?

Occident:  He is a God who makes fertile the fields that produce our harvests;
before whom the heavens bow down, and whom even the rains obey;
the same God who washes away our sins, no matter how vile,
then becomes the food he offers us. Tell me if there can ever be
from the most loving deity more benefits for humankind
than these I describe for you now.

Religion:    Lord save me! What crafty designs and devices,
what mimicries do these falsehoods intend toward our holiest,
our most sacred truths? […]

America:   Oh, perplexed one, what is it you envision? Do you not see?
No other God can confirm his works and his wonders with benefits.

Religion:    I must reason with the doctrine of Paul, for when he preached
to the people of Athens he knew of their law that mandated
death for any seeking to introduce new gods to the city;
he was aware as well of the altar dedicated “to an unknown God,”
and declared these words to them: “This is not a new deity, no,
this God I tell you about is the unknown God you worship and adore
here at this altar.”  I shall do the same … Occident, listen; blind idolatry,
hear; for all your good fortune lies in heeding my words!
Listen and hear.