Hvorfor studerer vi teaterhistorie?

(Bilde CC Ren Powell)


“No [wo-/]man is an island.”

As artists, we are always in a dialogue with our own culture – and often with other cultures. We belong to a community that stretches over time and distance.

We are always influenced by what surrounds us, whether or not we are conscious of it. That fact that we are able to communicate at all as humans is evidence of that.

It is a sign of respect – and a source of inspiration – to know where your “new” ideas come from: what is your unique hybrid pedigree?

(Michael Jackson was open about his debt to Bob Fosse, and Bob Fosse in turn was greatly influenced by the African American sand dancers like Bill Robinson.)

Learning what has come before (kulturarven) never limits your potential for originality – it only makes you aware of greater options.

We look to theater history for inspiration, but usually avoid “museum theater” and outright reproduction.

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