Laban “lite”

Rudolf von Laban 1879 – 1958

  • danser og koreograf
  • kjent som far til ekspresjonistisk dans
  • utviklet et system for å analysere bevegelses kvaliteter

Exercise 1:

(video: 1 min 45 sekunder inn)

When you work with this tool, begin with experimenting with just a single arm movement.
Begin with your arms hanging loosely at your sides, and move one arm to point to a specific spot in the room.

Try different dynamics: (see the combinations of qualities in each box below) slap, punch, push, float etc. Then apply these dynamics to other body parts, and to whole movements your character will use to achieve their goals on stage. What does the audience see? What do you express about your character – who they are and what they want?

An (over)simplification of some of Rudolf Laban’s movement principles

:laban lite

Her er et kort eksempel av Kristoffer Rødland (klasse 2021) som utforsker 3 forskjellige (spesifikk) dynamikk for å riste en stein fra skoen.