Alba Emoting (Alba Method)

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As with everything on this webpage, this is an (over)simplified introduction ideas of experts in the field. Information here is annotated summary of information in the book Alba Emoting: A Scientific Method for Emotional Induction. By Susana Bloch. Published by Editorial Grijalbo, 2015.

NB. Note that this method attempts to achieve the opposite of what Diderot called the Actor’s Paradox!


In Alba, there are 6 basic emotions: Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness, and two forms of Love: Tenderness and Erotic. These are the primary colors of human emotion. All other feelings we identify are mixes of two (or more) of these core emotions. (kilde: Alba Technique)

The origin of the method can be traced to experiments conducted by psychologists Susana Bloch and Guy Santibáñez at the University of Chile in Santiago in the early 1970s.” (Bloch & Lemeignan, 1992)[…] Bloch and Santibáñez then teamed with theatre director Pedro Orthous to apply these discoveries to train actors to better express emotions onstage. (Kilde: Alba Method History)



The exercise: