Oppvarming og avspenning øvelser

(Bilde via Theater Game #28)

We warm-up to

  1. focus on the here and now – including mindful awareness of the body, the breath, the room, and the other breathing bodies in a shared space
  2. get the body (including the speech apparatus) ready for ease of movement: move the synovial fluid around the joints, warm the large muscles so they can fully extend without injury, and remind the boy how to experiment with a moving center of gravity/balance
  3. sharpen attention and establish communication with the other actors
  4. create trust and spark imagination – remind ourselves to say “yes”

You may want to adjust your warm-up according to the kind of work you will be doing in a rehearsal session. There is also a possible psychological advantage of using the same sequence of exercises for ever session to create a ritual – a cue for a habit.

One example of a warm-up routine:

  • Seated square breathing with eyes closed.
  • Stanislavski’s circles of awareness (Breath, Body, Person next to you, Room, Outside the Room).
  • Dying cockroach
  • Yoga flow (link to Ren’s) – I do not recommend Ashtanga Sun Salutation. 
  • Walking in a circle: hop, stop or turn – or “Triplets”
  • Vocal Warm-up
  • Twyla Tharp’s Eggs

Other suggestions: