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Oppvarming sekvens for stemmen.


  • Drop the jaw towards the floor – Alternative between actively opening the jaw downward, and letting the jaw “drop” open.
  • Move the jaw from side to side
  • Move the jaw in circles
  • Focus on the lips – just the lips. Purse the lips, then spread them flat and wide.
  • Draw a circle in the air with your lips
  • Make motorboat sounds with your lips – or “raspberries”
  • Stick the tongue out and downward as far as possible – then up. Alternate.
  • Take the tongue as far left and right, back and forth
  • Point your tongue – then flatten it. Repeat.
  • “clean” your teeth with your tongue – upper and lower teeth – repeat
  • Massage your scalp and the base of your neck


  • Square breathing (can do this lying down)
    – breathe in to a count of  4, “wait” 4
    (NB: Do not use a glottal stop, the point of the exercise is to learn to control the breath with the diaphragmatic muscles, not the vocal cords),
    – exhale 4, “wait”, inhale, then repeat. Increase to 6 and then to 8.
    Try to breathe through your nose, and feel your ribcage expand to the sides, and your back press against the floor.
    Try to breathe evenly – not letting the breath gush out and peeter off on an exhale or gasp with an inhalation. Control the breath so that you are finished exhaling on the final count, inhaling on the final count.
  • Stand with knees softly bent, lift your arms overhead and exhale with a “shhh” as you return your arms to the sides. Again, do not use the glottal stop and let the air rush out – control a smooth, even flow of air by engaging the intercostal muscles and other core muscles, witch stimulate the diaphragm muscles.


  • Stand with knees softly bent. Take a deep, but comfortable breath and exhale with a vowel sound. Again, do not use glottal stops. Try to release the sound in an even flow until the end of the breath. Take each vowel sound in your language.
  • Repeat the exercise adding an H to the front of the vowel: Haaaaaaaa. Heeeeeee. etc.
  • Imagine that your whole mouth is filling with water. Let the “water” carry the sound out your nose: Maaaaaaaa. Meeeeeee. etc. *
  • RPTK (se video)**
  • Any tongue twister you like. For example: Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Yellow Leather, Red. 

*Takk til Mette Arnstad, skuespiller for forestillings tips “water filling the mouth”
**Takk til Ane Hilde Stadsnes, skuespiller og Teaching Artist for øvelsen

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