One reason many people procrastinate is to protect themselves.  

This theory is called Immunity to Change.  

We have something that we should do – often WANT to do. But there is a risk.  

We aren’t consciously aware of the risk – but our subconscious knows it and has already called out the soldiers to protect you. They wave shining things in your face to distract you – (they think:) for your own good. 

For example:  

You want to write a term paper. The risk? You won’t get the grade you want to get. You will look “stupid”. You will no longer be a “good student” etc.  

So – to protect yourself your subconscious put everything in your way so that you don’t have to take that risk.  

And it can be even bigger:  

You want to write a term paper. The risk? When you do you will get a good grade and pass, and graduate from high school and then you will no longer have the familiar framework you have now. What next? What if?  

Sometimes all it takes is identifying why you are protecting yourself.  
Consciously consider whether you really need to protect yourself this way – or what you can do to protect yourself without getting in your own way in terms of your goals.  

Here is a chart to help you figure things out: Immunity to Change norsk tip2

Sometimes – that is all it takes.  

If you fill this out and still can get the soldiers to back down – ask for help to get tools to move forward: ask a friend, a teacher, the counselors…  

When you have got this in hand. Break down your work into easy steps. Be clear and detailed on what is “enough” for each work session. Be realistic. 

Make a calendar. Reward yourself a little for each step. 

For an example of a workflow breakdown and calendar see here