Jeg beklager at jeg finner ikke kilde til dette informasjon som er på University of Michigan sin server. Dette er en midlertidig innføring: African Theatre.

Critical Stages, “The Roots of African Theatre Ritual and Orality in the Pre-Colonial Period“:

The term theatre itself has diverse, complex, contradictory and even antagonistic connotations in Africa. As well, the study of dramatic phenomena involves diverse approaches. Even in the west, the word “theatre” often denotes very different realities, and what is meant by theatre in one country is not always the same as what is meant in others. It would be unwise, therefore, to expect to find in ancient Black Africa types of theatrical performances analogous to European forms (although connections to ancient Greek drama are regularly noted by researchers). Rather than referring to the cultural traditions of Europe then, it seems more sensible to look at the evolution of African culture from within its own unique dynamic and from within its own history.

Post-Colonial Theater in Nigeria, with a bit of background: