Antonin Artaud: A bullet point biography

1896: Born September 4, Marseille, France.  He is the youngest of 9 children – only 3 survived childhood

1920-1922: Living in Paris and begins working at the Atelier Theatre Company

1923: Works as an actor at Pitoëff’s at the Comédia des Champes-Elysées

1924: Joins the surrealist movement

1925: Publishes Le pése-Nerfs and l’Ombilic des Limbres. Stars as Marat in the film Napoleon

1926-27: Breaks with the surrealists, founds Alfred Jarry Theatre and acts in the film La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc

1936: Goes to Mexico and meets the Tarahumaras Indians

1937: Publishes Les Nouvells révélations de l’Etre. Leaves for Ireland. Immediately upon his return his is committed to an obligatory confinement at three different mental hospitals

1938: While he is in the asylum his book Le Théâtre et Son Double is published

1943: Transfered to the hospital at Rodez

1945: Les Tarahumaras is published

1946: Lettres de Rodez is published. “The Committee of the Friends of Artaud” is established and headed by Jean Paulhan.

1947: Artaud visits the Van Gogh exhibition

1948: His radio broadcast Pour en Finir avec le Jugement de Deu is banned

1948: Antonin Artaud dies in Ivry on March 4

Film notes from the The True Story of Artaud and the Momo.
Directed by Gerard Mordillat and Jerome Prieur. 1994.