Fernando Arrabal

(Bilde ovenfor fra El Mundo)

Fernando Arrabal 1932-

  • Betegnet som Aburdist
  • Thèâtre Panique (seremoniteater som er delvis anti-religiøs, delvis hellig)
  • Skrev Piknik i det grønne

[Arrabal:] We knew what would become obvious to science today, that we are incapable of expressing the world soley through the means of reason…. I wanted to do shows that could not be repeteted… We would use gelatins, rotten food, massive destruction…and a lot of things. We now have the choice between the absurd and mystery. We are not obsessed with the absurd. We are not fanatics of the mystery…What we are for is uncertainty. … That fact that time and space are an illusion. 

[Jodorowsky:] We broke off with surrealism because [André] Breton had developed a surrealist respectability that we wanted to go beyond. He didn’t accept science fiction, he wanted the fantastic and the poety. He didn’t like rock music. Let’s not make a list, he didn’t like anything in the world. Surrealism had become an incredibly petit bourgeois movement. 

Muligheter til fordypning:

Picnic on the Battlefield. Frokost i det grønne på norsk.
Foreldrene besøk sønnen sin på krigsmark for lunsj.