The Performance Group (Richard Schechner)

*(Bilde ovenfor er fra Dionysis in 69

Richard Schechner 1934 –

Etablerte The Performance Group i 1967 – Det var slutt i 1980

  • Schechner selv kjent for “Environmental Theater” begrep
    (environment = omgivelser)
  • Gruppen var en del av New York Avant-garde
  • Skulle “kle av” oss sosiale roller og posisjoner
  • Gruppen var preget av splittelse over Schechners krav til nakenhet på scenen
  • Dionysus in 69

Dionysus in 69 er under streng copyright. Her kan man se opptak av den opprinnelig filmet produksjon på skjermen i hans prosjekt.

The fullness of space, the endless ways space can be transformed, articulated, animated—that is the basis of environmental theater design. It is also the source of environmental theater performer training. […] I believe there are actual relationships between the body and the spaces the body moves through. Much of workshop and rehearsal is devoted to discovering these relationships, which are subtle and ever-shifting.

The first scenic principle of environmental theater is to create and use whole spaces. […] There is no dead space, nor any end to space.

(Schechner, I-II)

Schechner om performance:

Forslag til fordypning:

schechner dissertation “Richard Schechner and The Performance Group: A study of Acting Technique and Methodology.” Do a control F search for the word “nudity” to see why Schechner thought it was important and what happened as a consequence.

“Schechner’s Performance Group in Commune”. New York Times.